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    ATL 6
    1:05 PM ET
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    Top 5th
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  • TB 5
    BAL 0
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  • DET 3
    CWS 1
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    End 4th
  • MIL 3
    NYM 4
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    Top 3rd
  • MIA 0
    WSH 0
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    Bottom 4th
  • CLE
    7:15 PM ET
  • NYY 0
    LAA 0
    7:15 PM ET
  • CHC
    7:15 PM ET
  • COL
    9:10 PM ET
  • SEA
    10:10 PM ET
  • LAD
    10:10 PM ET

Conversation Between Laika and Thats5

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  1. Such a shame.

    This place was so good for more analytic forward thinking Jays talk. I haven't been able to find it anywhere else.

    You guys were so into it, I just assumed there was somewhere else you all went.

    Main forum needs a ruthless moderator to bring it back to glory.
  2. Yeah we used to have a lot of intelligent or thoughtful conversations on here.
    Some of the better posters like Nox, Northof49, GD, JFaS (Cyborg) have unfortunately moved on to busier and better jobs, and they don't really post anymore. Same goes for me I suppose.
    It doesn't seem like they've been replaced by other posters of quality.
    I'm really not sure where smarter Jays fans go these days for internet forum style discussion. I don't think there is a centralized place, they probably just post in the comment sections on various other websites. Or twitter, I dunno.
    A lot of the "smarter" posters on here stick to the Off Topic forum now and really only post about their fantasy baseball teams, or fucking politics or some shit like that. It's unfortunate!

    I don't really know man.
    I will say, the offseason tends to be a lot better. I find myself creeping back into the main forum most offseasons.
  3. Hey man, is there another site that is better for Jays related talk? I found this site a couple years back and it was awesome finding all you guys with so much Jays knowledge. Lately when I come on here, it's fucking painful sifting through 90% garbage to find the odd post worth reading.

    I figure there must be another site where some of the more knowledgeable posters post that isn't filled with so many morons.

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