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  1. Hey, still interested in a spot in next year's pool.

    Also, is there another site that is better for Jays related talk? I found this site a couple years back and it was awesome finding all you guys with so much Jays knowledge. Lately when I come on here, it's fucking painful sifting through 90% garbage to find the odd post worth reading.

    I figure there must be another site where some of the more knowledgeable posters post that isn't filled with so many morons.
  2. Hi! Unfortunately I filled the spot prior to this message, but let me know next year and I will try to get you in.
  3. Hey man, I'm interested in the pool. Been lurking this board for a couple years and.never signed up. If you add me, you'll be able to see I've been very active in YAHOO fantasy for over 10 years.
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