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Thread: Sign Eric Thames (NJH #3)

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheHurl View Post
    I'm the guy that made a $50 bet that Thames would hit more HR's than Greg Bird. I was pretty big on his MLB power. I'm not mocking you or anyone else for their opinions on Thames. You made a statement that said "most" didn't want Thames. I'm just quoting that and putting it in the thread where Thames was actually discussed. If I were to ban everyone who had a difference of opinion than me, there would have been no one left after the Hottest Blue Jays thread. You are safe to continue posting as usual. Be wary of this paranoia though. If you are hearing voices in your head...ask around and see if any of them have an acuity for baseball.
    This post shouldn't have been necessary
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    Quote Originally Posted by Boxcar View Post
    Roundly mocked
    saskjaysfan is talking about this... not many said anything, really. Just a few dumn dumn's. There's likely more on the 29th of that thread.
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    Steamer about Eric Thames performance so far

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