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Thread: Neil Ramirez DFA'd

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    Quote Originally Posted by BTS View Post
    I don't really care about this either way because they'll probably both be out of the majors by 2019, but I don't understand what risk you see with optioning Tepera to make room for a guy who might (and might not) be a bit better than Tepera but who doesn't have options. That's exactly what options are for and how teams use them: to yo-yo marginal players back and forth from AAA to suit their needs. Taking a flier on Ramirez is absolutely a valid reason for optioning Tepera. I mean, it's Ryan Tepera.
    The obvious risk is that Ramirez could be a lot worse than Tepera who is at least mediocre. If Tepera was at the bottom of the pecking order, you'd have the luxury (though I'm not sure I would advocate using it) of not caring about Tepera but because Biagini is in the rotation, because Grilli and Howell are gas-canning it up, Tepera is a guy who is out there protecting leads. Even if he's no better than mediocre that doesn't mean it makes sense to hand his job to a project. I get that Ramirez has upside but we've been down that road before. Jeremy Jeffress had potential, that doesn't mean it was worth it to throw him out there because eventually someone would capitalize on his talent. Unless you have strong reason to believe he can provide an immediate improvement over Tepera (and there's no particular reason to believe that), the prudent move is to try to get him to the mimors and develop him there and if he doesn't clear, you move on. You can't capitalize on every uspide play that's out there. Sometimes you have to just le the Jeremy Jeffress and the Neil Ramirezes of the world go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobthe4th View Post

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