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Thread: Rules and Bans

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    Rules and Bans

    I want to discuss a bit about rules and bannings.

    First of all, I want to say I think the moderators have done a great job since the forum was created. I was worried about picking moderators in the beginning because I was worried we all wouldn't be on the same page. But as we've had numerous discussions on various topics thus far, we've all had the exact same opinions, which is great.

    Second, our goal is to give everyone a fair chance. The last thing we want to do is ban people. We want to welcome different opinions, both good and bad. We want to allow free speech as much as possible. And most of all, we want the board to grow. Somtimes a couple negative comments, or even slight trolling, create the best discussions. Yes, there will be some members where their main goal is to troll, but there are also some where they just don't agree with some of the moves being made, and that's fine. Just because someone doesn't agree with the majority, they don't deserve to be banned. It was only a short while ago where AA could do no wrong, and if anyone disagreed with a move, they were an 'idiot'. Now, a good chunk of the board is not happy with some of the things AA has done. Sometimes you need to open your mind a little more, and listen to an opposing opinion.

    Third, we don't need "Ban him already" posts in every thread. If there is something wrong with the post, report it. If it turns into a problem, we'll take care of it.

    Fourth, there has been a lot of back and forth, bashing, name calling, etc., going on lately in the forums. Here and there is fine, but it seems to be ruining a number of good threads lately. The moderators and I have agreed we need to put a stop to it. It doesn't matter if you were a member here for a week, or a member for five years (old board), if we see it continuing, you will be warned. If it continues, you will receive a short ban. Continues again, it'll be a longer ban. Our main goal is to grow this forum, and the last thing new members want to see is a bunch of people arguing when they sign up. The more people we get to join, the more educated baseball discussions we'll have.

    Finally, thank you to all the members who have helped make the new board a success, and are helping it grow. There are a lot of smart baseball minds here offering great information, and creating great discussions.
    Thank you fatcox for the great GDT and PGT, King for the MiLB threads, Dylan for homerun contest they really add a new dimension to the site.

    We're still adding a blog in the near future, I've just been really tied up the last couple weeks, and I'm trying to figure a way to best incorporate it into the site.

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    I'll throw one more thing in, reporting every single post that a poster you don't like makes is not going to speed up any banning process. Going away for a weekend and coming home to 60 reported posts with over half being reported by the same person, just annoys the mods. If you've already reported a post and feel the offender is getting worse, send a PM to one of the mods.

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    After some internal discussion, the mods have decided to go to a two level system for dealing with troublesome behaviour on the board

    Infractions will be given to posters who start showing disruptive behaviour. Personal attacks and other purposefully disruptive behaviour will generally be treated with the poster receiving an infraction as a warning that his behaviour is being watched but not yet deserving of a ban. A second infraction will be given if the problem is not immediately stopped. If the second warning is ignored a ban will be granted. (It's a baseball forum right? 3 strikes and you're out). This appears to be a more effective way of dealing with it than sending warnings via personal message which is what we have generally been doing.

    Immediate banning and/or account deletion will still be used for known repeat offenders who immediately start causing problems, and for those spamming the board with garbage threads.

    I think this will strike a better balance, giving the mods the ability to keep the board under control by WARNING otherwise good posters who are acting up and giving them a chance to stop, and BANNING complete garbage accounts/posters on sight.

    Thank you Twisted Logic for bringing this idea up yesterday.

    We are still actively discussing what types of things are infraction worthy vs ban worthy.
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    Also I will reiterate this, if you have an issue just report the post with your reasoning included. We do look at them as an email is sent to us for each reporting. I will ask however, that you please try and only report actual offences and not report a poster just because you don't like them or whatever reason, that just creates clutter and slows us down in reacting to legitimate infractions.

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